Fences are not only the indicators of our property lines; when done right, a fence can add a certain aesthetic value to your home. In many areas, a good fence adds to property prices. An entire industry exists for the sole purpose of offering fence services, and it’s dedicated to selling, installing, maintaining and repairing different types of fences. And, it’s really important that you choose the right fence for your property

What Makes It a Good Fence?

Whether you need a residential fence or a farming fence installation, you always have to consider if the fence will be good on your property. You also need to consider privacy and security; if you want to maximize privacy, then a tall fence is the better option. This will also work if you have children or pets. You definitely want a tall, sturdy fence if you want to improve security.

Maintenance needs are also an indicator of a good fence. A top-quality fence requires little maintenance and can last a long time. This is why your fencing material is so important. Your fence can also be aesthetically pleasing depending on the style you pick for your property. If you have all these five qualities, then there’s no doubt you’ve picked a good fence for your home.

Things to Consider When Choosing and Building a Fence

Fence Maintenance

When picking your fence, consider how much maintenance it needs. For instance, wooden fences require the most maintenance because wood needs to be painted and stained every few years while vinyl fencing requires little maintenance.

Check in With Your HOA

Before having a fence built, check with your homeowners’ association to find out if the fence you want meets the community standards.

Pick the Right Contractor

If you have no intention of installing on your own, research contractors thoroughly. The last thing you want to do is waste your time and money hiring a contractor that doesn’t have the skill for the fence installation you need.


Some fences require special treatment depending on the weather. For instance, in cold northern climates that experience frost, some fences require concrete anchors to be installed, and they must be secured 36 inches deep to avoid breaking in a cold snap.

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