A poorly maintained fence can negatively affect the value of your home or business. Painting and staining are great ways to restore the original beauty of your fence. However, these projects are more complicated and time-consuming than most people think.

Why Hire Professionals

Applying paint or stain to your fence will keep the wood protected from harsh elements. Untreated wood will wear faster when exposed to excessive water and sunlight. Wood can warp, rot and crack when subjected to moisture. 

If your residential or commercial fencing is made of wood, then painting it will keep it protected. It’s great for protecting wood against moisture and sunlight. Staining provides good moisture resistance, but it isn’t as effective as paint. 

Keep in mind that painting and staining fences require a lot of preparation. You also need to be patient with these tasks because they can be tedious. The prep work required for fence staining or painting varies by material. 

For Fences Beyond Restoration

When your fences are beyond repair or restoration, it’s time to replace them. Like with staining and painting, fence replacement is best left to professionals. Fencing contractors have years of experience in installing different types of fences. They also stay updated on the latest fencing trends and technologies to provide you quality workmanship. 

By hiring a professional for your fence installation, you can save time, effort and money. This project requires the proper use of the right tools, which you’ll likely have to buy. Reputable contractors also offer high-quality materials, which are backed by comprehensive warranties. 

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