Fencing is a great solution for people who want to make their outdoor spaces more private. While a fence installation seems straightforward, it actually requires proper planning and some considerations. 

Building Codes

Before hiring a contractor for your fencing project, check your local zoning codes. Find out the type of fences that are permitted in your area. Most codes have a height restriction for fencing. Some may have rules about the types of materials you can use and which direction they can face. Make sure that you understand all local requirements before starting your project.

Proper Placement

Make your neighbors aware of your plans for building a privacy fence. Settle any disagreements about the property line before starting the installation. At Guarantee Fence Company, we have years of experience with privacy, remote and farming fence installation. Our team will assess your home and make sure your fence is at the proper location and doesn’t cross your neighbor’s property. 

Right Design

Some areas of your yard may need a shorter fence than others. A tall fence can make a small space feel cramped and tight. It might also block a beautiful outdoor view. Never assume that all areas of your property will require the same fence height. 

You can use different materials and varying heights for your privacy fence. Consider solid wood or vinyl if the back of your home faces a wooded area. Another option is chain link fencing, which will also preserve your view of nature. On the other hand, you may want a more decorative fence in front of your home because it faces the street. 

Choose Guarantee Fence Company for high-quality fencing solutions. We offer a wide selection of residential fencing options from leading manufacturers. You can count on us for your farming and remote fence installation. Call us at (812) 234-2605, or fill out our contact form to get a free quote.