When it comes to home fence installation, it’s important that you’re a good neighbor during the process considering your home is not the only one affected by the project. Your neighbor will be as well since the other side of the fence will be facing their property. Thankfully, there are a handful of ways you can be a considerate neighbor during the installation.

Observe Boundaries

Before getting started on your fence installation, it’s important that you learn your property boundaries. Make the mistake of installing without knowing this, and going an inch over your property line will result in you having to tear down the entire fence.

Respect HOA Rules

Your homeowners association (HOA) is comprised of you and your neighbors, so, if you want to avoid a dispute and keep the peace, it’s best that you follow the HOA rules. Learn the do’s and don’ts, and clarify with the HOA if there’s anything you don’t understand so you can avoid any possible trouble.

Inform Your Neighbors

Fence installation can be a noisy affair, and no one likes surprises. With that in mind, it’s best to inform your neighbors of your plans. If there are any property line issues, talk it over with them. Discuss your schedules as well so both parties can adjust.

Maintain the Fence

The other side of your fence will be facing your neighbor’s property. So, when the time comes that you have to perform some maintenance on the fence, don’t delay. That way the fence continues to look appealing to your neighbor, and you can avoid any disputes.

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