Installing a fence on your property may require you to obtain a permit for the job, depending on your local building codes, zones and regulations. To help you determine if getting permits would be necessary for your fence installation project, here are some tips.

When Permits Are Required for Fence Installation

Apart from the existing local rules, here are three factors that are commonly determine if a permit is needed for fence installation:

  1. If your home is located in a highly populated area, it’s likely that you will need to obtain a permit.
  2. A privacy fence to be installed in a backyard doesn’t usually require a permit unless it measures over six feet tall.
  3. If you’re a farmer and planning to build a fence in a rural area, you may or may not need to get a permit.

Don’t forget to ask local contractors and other experts to be absolutely sure whether you need to acquire a permit for home fence installation.

Tips for Obtaining Permits

  1. Make inquiries regarding fence installation permits before starting the project. This way, you can avoid waste and unnecessary expenses.
  2. Find out if you need to pay a fee upon submitting your application for permit.
  3. Prepare sketches or plans of your proposed fence. If you can, bring photos and written consent from your neighbors.
  4. Talk to your neighbors prior to fence installation, and hire a surveyor to determine your precise property boundary. This can help prevent messy situations with your neighbors.
  5. Find out if underground gas, water and power lines will be affected by your fence installation.

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