A lot of homeowners tend to overlook their fences, thinking that it’s not as visible and, therefore, not as important as the larger parts of the exterior. Remember, however, that just one mismatched element can ruin your home’s curb appeal, which is why you need to take care when coordinating colors for your exterior.

Keep the Color Scheme Consistent

When it comes to exterior design, consistency is key. The color of your fence has to complement the other parts of your home. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the colors always have to match. Certainly, a white fence would go nicely with a white exterior, but a blue fence paired with blue siding might be too much. Neutral colors are usually a safe bet, but if you want a wider variety of hues to choose from, experts suggest consulting a color wheel to find which colors pair go well with each other.

Avoid Colors That Clash With Your Neighbors’ Houses

Don’t forget your neighbors’ houses. A color that clashes with your neighbors’ houses can not only lower your home’s curb appeal, but also the entire neighborhood’s property value as well. Homeowners’ associations can be very particular about the color scheme of their members’ houses so it’d be a good idea to consult them before making a decision.

Leave Painting to the Professionals

A lot of homeowners prefer to paint their fences themselves. However, unsteady brush strokes can result in an uneven finish, diminishing the visual appeal of your new fence. To maximize your fence’s contribution to your curb appeal, we strongly recommend leaving this kind of work to a qualified fence services company.

Don’t forget to vet a company before hiring them. Check the qualifications and expertise of its contractors.

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